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Air Pollution Control Equipments

Cyclone Separators

Cyclone is a simple device used for separation of solids and particles from the gas stream. Cyclone works on the principle of Centrifugal force. Velocity, differential kinetics of the particles and gas and Pressure Drop in the system define efficiency of Cyclone. We are manufacturing various types of cyclones based on the gas flow and internal arrangements. We manufacture cyclone with unique design to optimize the volume as well as velocity of the gas to achieve maximum separation at minimum operating cost.


Pulse Jet Bag Filter
Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Pulse Jet Bag Filter

KEI has developed various models of Bag filter and cartridge filters to handle the Air Flow from 50 Cub. M/min to 1700 Cub M/min. We provide fully automatic and Semi-automatic filters with high efficiency. We had optimized cloth to air ratio for different type of dust and particles, this has great impact on efficiency and optimization of power consumption.

Wet Scrubber

Wet Scrubbers are normally used to remove fumes and gaseous pollutants from the air. Wet scrubber works on simple principal of absorption/adsorption/solubility of fumes in scrubbing liquid. We provide various types of wet scrubbers such as packed towers, Ventury Scrubbers, Jet Fumes Scrubbersetc on the basis of nature of fumes, concentration of pollutant gases, mix analysis of fumes.


gas cooler

Gas Coolers

Many process industries are generating Air Pollution in the form of heat. Exhaust gases with fumes and dust are having temperature up to 500 deg. C. KEI is providing tray type as well as coil type gas coolers for such applications.